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March 02, 2006

Hi from New York

Now I am in NY.
As is usual in major internet cafe at big cities abroad, I can read Japanese but not write.

I came here yesterday from Chicago, and walking around some districts under redevelopment projects going on, besides some literature researches.
(In chicago, I did interviews to Pakistani brothers of ex-undocumented workers in Japan)

I went to "Meat Packing district" and "Nolita" yesterday, and today to Harlem.
At a first glance, present Harlem was full of shoppers and not so dangerous, especially on some famous high streets, such like the 125th(Known as Dr. Martin L. King street in this area) or Lennox Av.(Malcolm X avenue), I was feeling it's even safer than London's Carribean districts like New Cross or Peckham.

And I enjoed shopping a bit.
I bought some clothes for my daughters in a fancy shopping center, which differed nothing from Japanese ones except that I was checked my ID (ie. passport) at the payment by credit card.
Especially, I was absorbed in the kid's clothings with a bland called "echo red".
It's really girlie, glittering, sly but cute, and I found it's much nicer than Mezzo Piano or other stuffs from Narumiya.
Is this bland also famous in Japan?

But as for me, I could not find anything.
There were predominantly hip-hop style, and some other shops titled "executive" or something else sold the black jackets like Blues Brothers or velvet jackets with broad lines or...anyway, here, "exective" seemed to meen exectives in gangsta (>_<)

However, after strolling around for some hours, a couple of amburance and police cars were gathering at the Starbucks which was the symbol of "New-born Harlem".
Cops went into the cafe with some "tanka"s (portable bed? I don't know the English word) and some guys were arrested.
So frightened !

I was too chicken to take photos of that incident and check what's going on further, just leaving there promptly...

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